What is Kaching – it is a cashless, ticketless, user friendly parking app which uses license plate recognition to open the boom when a shopper arrives in the parking lot. You must download the APP and payment is linked to the user’s credit card/debit or cheque account upon exiting.

You may ask why Kaching:

Security and theft is always a concern in our minds, Kaching has put measures in place to ensure that parking will give you peace of mind with regards to security.
Kaching also provides a unique safety feature – early theft detection. You will get a notification when your vehicle leaves the centre.

  • Drive up to the boom and it will open for you
  • No need to take a ticket! Our cameras will detect your vehicle and open the
  • boom for you
  • Upon exit, simply drive up to the boom and it will open for you
  • No queues, no cash, no tickets, no payment hassles

You can preload your account from R20 – R250 or choose to pay by credit or cheque card.

You can add as many cars as you want to your account so you can load your car, hubby’s car, kids car and grannies car all on one account Discovery Card and Insure members can activate the Discovery benefit and qualify for free parking.

To enable safety option: go to Account settings, click on edit and activate manual confirmation. This will request your permission to exit.

Kaching is available via the Google play store and ITunes for free.

For more information:

Please contact us on (031) 904 2233 (Ask for Marketing or Information).